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Good Friday Appeal: Super Mitchell smiles through leukaemia fight

Mitchell Johnstone unconsciously moves the lines and tubes poking out the bottom of his T-shirt, so he can reach for the next toy. The 2½-year-old is typically found hooked up to a pole of infusions and drips. But he spends


Inside the Royal Children’s Hospital neonatal intensive care unit

Walking the corridors of the Butterfly ward at the Royal Children’s Hospital, it’s not easy, at first glance, to see where the patients are. To the background noise of lullaby music, beeping monitors and cries that mimic the mews of


Lilah Parr gets special visit from RCH treatment dog

Doctors know Lilah Parr is unlikely to be found in her hospital bed when they arrive each morning on ward rounds. Although confined to wheels, the two-year-old knows the Royal Children’s Hospital back-to-front during the multiple admissions she has had for

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